07-29-2009 @ 4:15 am

Metro Exchange Goes Green

SDG has recently implemented green cleaning chemicals in their Metro Exchange property in Nashville, Tenn. Mark and Stan are excited to be able to partner with CIGNA, the building’s sole tenant, to lead such an environmentally responsible change.

 According to David Sikes, owner of Sikes Paper Co. in Atlanta and treasurer for the International Sanitary Supply Association, the use of green cleaning chemicals can significantly reduce any potential negative health effects associated with commercial cleaning products. The lack of perfumes and dyes in green chemicals reduces the presence of any possible irritants .

"We hear positive comments almost daily about how janitorial workers like the products,” Sikes says. “They notice that when they’re pouring the chemicals or when they spray a surface down to be cleaned, they don’t get all that kickback.”

Furthermore, green cleaning chemicals are made from materials that will not harm the environment. “Some of the raw materials that these products have traditionally been built with could, when introduced back into the waste stream via the sewer, actually kill fish and other aquatic life,” Sikes says. “The new green products simply won’t do that.”

And if the benefits to health and safety and to the environment weren’t enough motivation to switch to green chemicals, their minimal impact on business’ bottom lines is even more reason to make the change. “Today, the pricing for green chemicals is the same as traditional chemicals,” Sikes says. “Now, the economics have worked out to where businesses can be green for approximately the same price as the old, traditional products, and everybody is going for it.”

All indications say that green cleaning is here to stay, and SDG is proud to embrace such a movement that is environmentally responsible.

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