In a volatile economy, consistent returns are harder to achieve. For every step forward, you risk falling two steps back. That’s why today more than ever, investing with someone you trust is essential. Accountability counts. And experience matters.

The principals of SDG Advisors deliver fifty years combined experience in one of the most reliable investment opportunities available: value-based real estate. It’s a time tested strategy that many are just coming to discover. From a team who has been doing it for a very long time.

With the true volatility of other investment options recently coming to light, hard assets such as real estate have become more desirable. And while real estate in general has been impacted by the current economic climate, under-valued property still offers the potential for significant returns. In fact, the recent financial storm is creating opportunities for savvy real estate investors.

SDG Advisors has demonstrated the ability to identify under-valued assets in growth-oriented submarkets; acquire the assets of motivated sellers; and add value to those acquisitions.

If a clear value-based opportunity presents itself, we seize it. If it’s a poorly managed or under-used property, we manage it back to health. If it’s the wrong use for the market, we repurpose it.

We also create value through re-capitalizations (including structured financing). Additionally, we take advantage of long-standing business relationships through our network of strategic partnerships.

The result is that diamonds in the rough become genuine real estate gems. And investors in our fund see the potential for consistent, solid returns.

Yet while value-based properties are one of the few bright spots in the current market, not all investment companies are equally bright. SDG Advisors offers a unique balance of institutional-level service—with entrepreneurial execution. Between the experience of each principal, we know how to provide you with the stable practices and communication of a large institution. And the responsiveness of a low-fee, risk-sharing niche entrepreneur. Together, Mark and Stan offer you the best of both investment worlds.






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