SDG Advisors, LLC

SDG Advisors LLC, was established by Mark Parker and Stan  Breon in 2006 and from day one investors have benefited from the two principals’ balanced blend of experience. From Mr. Parker, investors enjoy entrepre-neurial drive and a nose for overlooked, undervalued opportunities. And from Mr. Breon, our clients enjoy advisory services that are the equal of any institution in their depth and degree of accountability. For information on their unique perspectives, see their bios.

Together, Mark and Stan offer institutional style real estate advisory services for high net worth individuals and family offices through a series of real estate funds. Each fund implements a dual strategy--including both di-rect property acquisitions as well as equity investments through its network of strategic partners.

Over the past three years, SDG Advisors has proven the value of a true “bottom-up” approach to investing. We focus on specific properties that pose real opportunities regardless of the overall economy. For you this means there is never a bad time to invest in value-based properties. And never a bad time to give Mark or Stan a call.

SDG Value Fund Series

SDG Value Fund I, LP is a real fund established in 2007 to invest in real estate assets focused on capital appreciation. The Fund owns several office buildings in Nashville, Tennessee and has round-tripped an equity investment in a retail development in suburban Atlanta. This Fund has completed its fundraise and initial acquisition period.

SDG Value Fund II is currently in its fundraising stage. Fund II will continue to focus on the value based real estate strategy. The principals anticipate the current credit crunch will create substantial acquisition and partnership opportunities.





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