02-18-2009 @ 4:18 am

The New Look of www.SDGinvest.com

We hope you like the new look of www.sdginvest.com. We've updated information on Value Fund II, added a blog so both Stan and Mark can post updates and created new portfolio sections.

As we launch our new website, we must recognize that we are living in astounding times.  You don't need to look far to understand the uniqueness of the times:
    1) Congress has passed (with most of its members not actually reading) a package estimated to cost the country $800B.
    2) There are serious discussions concerning the nationalization of several money center banks.
Just six to nine months ago, either would have been considered almost comical.

We are excited about the opportunity to keep our investors, colleagues and friends updated with the addition of this blog to our site.  You can sign up to have a blog feed e-mailed to you if you like.  Also, we look forward to hearing your comments. 
We would like to thank the great folks at eye-SPEAK for their work and collaboration on this new site. Thanks for stopping by.  We hope you'll continue to check back to see the latest blog postings and updates!

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